Google Tools for Business You Should Be Using

Running your own business has many perks, especially if you’re willing to make the most from what the web has to offer. Among some of the most efficient web-based tools for business, you’ll find several prepared and deployed by Google. Here’s a selection of the best Google tools around, which, despite being little-known, offer immense help to all sorts of entrepreneurs.

Perfect for small-business owners, the website is full of Buy Google Reviews interesting tips and lessons about a wide variety of topics – from website building to social media integration. Register and you’ll receive a regular dose of tutorial videos directly to your inbox.

Perfect for all matters of research and marketing, Google Trends wills show you what keywords are most searched and visualize data by region, which can be great if your target audience is local. You can see what the hot topics of your industry are and use them as content ideas for your company blog.

Great for data crunching, the tool allows to search through a wide array of international databases that show information about economic policies, unemployment and many more. You can visualize data according to your needs and tastes, and easily communicate it to your colleagues. A great source for crucial facts about your industry.

This is like Evernote, only better. Perfect for busy entrepreneurs, Google Keep helps to synchronize all your notes across devices and places it on your Google Drive. It also offers a speech-to-text function that allows you to take notes even when rushing from one meeting to another.

This tool offers a whole wealth of marketing insights and consumer data, perfect for developing more efficient marketing strategies. The number of case studies presented on the website is shockingly high, helping you to make the most from the funds allocated in your marketing effort.

This tool allows you to explore trends over a wide temporal range. Searching by keyword, you can see how many books containing it were written in a specific period. If you’re interested in answers to questions like “Which drug was popular in Victorian times?”, this is the place to go. Ngram provides a whole wealth of knowledge and inspiration to all those looking for interesting content ideas.