What motivates people to clean their ducts? Is it that they just want to maintain their house? Is it to prevent costly repairs on their heating and cooling systems? Is it because they’ve heard it’s just the right thing to do? Is it that they’d like their family to have clean air passing through their house when they turn on their heating and cooling system? Odds are it’s a combination of all of the above factors, but probably the two most important ones are to prevent costly repairs in the future and to have clean air pumping through the house.

When you service your HVAC system, there are certain steps that should be taken. You should clean the cooling coils, drain pans, fans, and heat exchangers. However, when you clean all these parts, it results in dust, debris, mold and allergens getting into your air ducts, which will Duct Cleaning Woodbridge eventually disperse throughout your house if you do not clean them. That is why it is imperative to clean your air ducts at the same time as performing maintenance on your HVAC system. Obviously it behooves you to take these steps for health reasons, but what are some other benefits of duct cleaning?

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2) DURABILITY – It is estimated that 9 out of 10 HVAC systems end up failing because there was no proper maintenance performed on them Air Duct Cleaning Woodbridge. A full replacement of a heating and cooling system can cost thousands, while parts and labor aren’t far behind in price.

3) AIR QUALITY – If you want to maintain a healthy home, it is imperative to clean your ducts. Otherwise, build-up of dust, dirt, allergens (i.e. pet dander), and toxins (i.e. mold and mildew) will occur and be circulated throughout the home. Even if no one in your household has allergies, mold, mildew and other toxins can end up being deadly.

Indoor air quality is very important. Many of us have year-round air conditioning systems that cool and heat our homes. In conjunction, many of us also may be suffering from year-round allergies. We spend a lot of time indoors, and are incredibly vulnerable to indoor air pollution. Protect the health and well-being of your family by having your ducts cleaned professionally cleaned and sterilized with an anti-microbial.

Remember the last time you changed your furnace air filter? That old filter was literally packed with dust, dirt and other environmental debris that was flowing through the inside of your home and the inside of your heating ducts. If you think your furnace air filter will keep your duct work clean, think again!

Home Construction:
From the time it was brand-new, your home’s duct work may already have been contaminated with construction debris, rodent feces, dead insects and any other dirt and pollutants that may have made its way into your heating/cooling system–before it was “sealed” and completed. If you haven’t cleaned your ducts since, you may be breathing in whatever was sealed inside from the day your home was built. The metal that makes up most ductwork is steel, and it was slightly oiled at the factory to keep it from rusting and otherwise deteriorating. Dust and debris can cling to that slightly oily surface as it is blown through your ducts.

Allergens and Respiratory Problems:
You may appreciate the energy efficiency of your well-built, well-insulated home due to technologies employed to keep the cold out and the heat in, but this lack of movement also effects indoor air quality issues. Energy efficient construction tends to trap excess moisture in various locations throughout your house, often resulting in the growth of bacteria. And your ductwork is a prime breeding ground for bacteria because it can remain undisturbed for years unless you clean them every two to three years.

These dirty ducts may be harboring contaminants, bacteria or other pathogens which can wreak havoc on a person suffering allergies, asthma or autoimmune disorders–all the more reason to have your ducts cleaned, if you are an individual who suffers from respiratory issues. Young children and the elderly are especially vulnerable to the harmful effects of contaminated indoor air.

AC duct cleaning should be an integral part of every home owner’s home maintenance routine. However the frequency of doing so depends on many factors. For instance, for most of you once every 5 years or so is probably adequate. In cases, wherein your family members have certain allergies or asthma, getting your AC ducts cleaned every year or more often is a wise decision.

The key to the process of getting your AC duct cleaned in Dubai is not to wait until it’s quite too late. Hence regular inspection and cleaning is necessary as well as highly recommended. It is also beneficial to get your AC ducts cleaned after events like a major home improvement project, leaky roof or pipe, a fire, a rodent or even insect invasion.