Essential Tools For An Electrician’s Tool Kit

Every trained electrician needs a variety of tools to assist them with day-to-day activities from screwdrivers to measuring devices. If you have just completed an electrical training course and want to equip yourself with all the essential tools then this may be of use to you.

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For safety reasons electrical work cannot be carried out without proper equipment, insulated tools are a necessity when working with electricity Gerber MP400 VS MP600 . Choosing the right design is important as you need your tools to fit comfortably in your hand, especially since you will be using them every day. Repetitive motions can cause wrist and hand injuries, the tools you buy can reduce the likelihood of pain in later life.

With a vast amount of choice it can be difficult to know which brands to choose. Look on forums to see what others recommend. Once you have an idea of which tools you might buy check out reviews online to help finalise your decision. Good quality tools will last so choose wisely as this equipment will still be in your toolbox years from now-that is if you haven’t lost them!

Pliers are probably the most common tool an electrician needs. Side-cutting pliers also known as diagonal pliers or snips are needed for cutting wire. The shape is designed to allow the cutting of wire in tight spaces where other tools may not fit. Needle-nose pliers have long thin blades that come together in a point, they can be used for cutting, gripping and manipulating thin wire. This tool is particularly useful when a working area is crowded or the wires are small.

The primary function of wire strippers is to remove the insulated coating from the electrical cables encasing the wires. Wire strippers have a size guide so you can successfully strip different sized wires without damaging the metal underneath.

Nut drivers are similar in appearance to screwdrivers but they provide a far greater torque for tightening nuts and bolts. They usually have a hollow shaft to accommodate interchangeable sockets of different sizes this saves you money as you only need a single nut driver.A multimeter is a hand-held device that is used to troubleshoot electrical problems and is a very useful piece of equipment in an electrician’s tool kit. This electronic measuring instrument combines several functions in one measuring current, voltage and resistance to a high degree of accuracy.