Can Vibration Plates Really Help Me to Get Fit?

Vibration Plates are the key piece of fitness equipment in any gym right now. Made famous by their celebrity users including Madonna and Manchester United Football Club, vibration plates really do seem to deliver remarkable results. But does the reality match the hype? Can they really help you tone up, build muscle and shed the pounds?

Well, according to a recent study conducted by researchers at Belgium’s Antwerp University the clever technology used within the vibration plate machine really can help you. And the benefits are far reaching… The study was based on a group of overweight volunteers, mostly women women vibrator. They were each provided with scientific dietary advice which they were required to follow and were then split up into three groups. Exercise regimes were devised for each group. The first group did no physical exercise for 6 months. Group two performed an assortment of exercises in the 6 months, including swimming, aerobics and dance. Group three were asked to complete short routines of no more than 13 minutes each day for 5 days per week.

The results were astounding. As you may expect, the group who dieted but did not exercise lost the lowers amount of weight, with around a 6% average (of their total body weight) loss. Those who had been dieting in conjunction with aerobic exercise reported an average 7% reduction in body weight. Group three who had been using vibration equipment reported the biggest loss with an average of 11%.

In addition to overall weight loss it seems that vibration plates really do deliver other health benefits. The users in the study also lost the most fat from areas around their vital organs, which will ultimately reduce the risk of heart disease (if the fat is not allowed to return). Those using the vibration equipment actually lost twice as much fat from around their hearts than those who did not exercise at all – all from a 5 times per week 13 minute workout!

I am not sure that anyone would actually set out to seek a vibration exercise machine business. And yet, it is potentially one of the most profitable niches to work in within the broad fitness, health, or wellness marketplaces.

The fitness industry can be a hugely profitable one to operate in, but it can also seem very confusing and crowded, which of course it is. As a consequence, anyone looking to set up a business within the fitness arena is faced with the daunting task of knowing where to start, and which niche, or niches, to investigate first.

There are well-documented health, fitness and wellness benefits attributed to the use of vibration exercisers, links to which which can of course be found on the internet. The range of these benefits do indeed appear to be both varied and extensive.

What we have then is a product with well researched and documented fitness and wellness benefits to the user, and many published testimonials from highly satisfied users, including professional sports men and women.

However, what is not generally known is that these vibration exercise machine products can be marketed directly from a home base, and do not have to have the usual high cost main street premises, or expensive websites, to enable anyone so inclined to begin marketing them.

Working directly with the largest manufacturer of vibration exercise fitness equipment in North America, a successful business model has been developed, which can be operated from home, enabling those so motivated to literally plug in to a proven system allowing them to create their own business future, working from their home.

In a market as broad and diverse as the fitness market, it is unusual, if not unique, to find such a potentially profitable niche, which even the home based sole proprietor can operate in, virtually from the get go.