A Green MBA – Is it For Me?

Are you looking for answers to the following questions? What is a Green MBA? What can it do for my career? What schools are offering them? Can I get one online? Then read on… and find some answers to these questions. This article will explain why a Green MBA can be important for many careers, how they can jump start a stalled career, and what schools are offering them including online programs mba online.

A Green MBA, also called a “sustainable business degree,” is a Master of Business Administration degree that has a focus on corporate sustainability. Like a traditional MBA, it is granted after one to two years of graduate-level university study providing training in the theory and practice of business management. It teaches the theory and practice of managing the enterprise in a sustainable fashion, including managing the environmental impact of the business, increasing energy efficiency, reducing waste and finding ways to promote sustainable practices in all aspects of the business.

Increasingly companies are taking corporate sustainability and environmental practices seriously, discovering that an approach to business that factors in sustainability is also becoming strategically important for the enterprises long term success. A survey of 481 companies, by Arthur D. Little found that 95% of the surveyed executives counted sustainable development as being important to their business future.

There is growing need for a new generation of business leaders who understand corporate sustainable. This is backed up by job posting data and by executive surveys. The CSR Jobs Report, by Net Impact and Ellen Weinreb CSR Recruiting, found that the number of corporate social responsibility (CSR) job postings has increased by 37 percent in a three-and-a-half-year period and that that demand for CSR MBA level candidates still outpaces supply.