The Most Important Tips For Passing The Naplex Exam

You know, there is a way of avoiding having to eat your fingernails down to the knuckle before you take your Naplex exam.Strange as it may seem but there are 3 Most Important tips that you can follow that will help you ace, cream, thrash, totally humiliate or beat your Naplex exam – whichever metaphor you want to use!Now – you can’t follow these 3 tips only and expect to pass. Sit around home all day watching bad TV, never picking up a book or joining in a revision session and expect to sail serenely through the exam in a matter of minutes.

You still HAVE TO revise, plan and prepare for taking your exam.But if you add these 3 tips into your revision plan – you’ll be laughing with quiet confidence as you walk into the exam, let alone as you walk out of it a matter of hours late CEH v10r.Now, this may not be possible in all state exams (NJ I believe requires the exam before you can Intern?) but where possible – get an internship prior to sitting the exam.

As well as giving you a good helpful grounding in the subject and building your confidence, taking an internship also means that you will be exposed to the different drug names and brand names on a daily basis.This is good. Very good. (See Top Tip #2 for why!)Take the trouble during your internship to ask as many questions as possible re: use of the different drugs and grab whatever minutes you can in a drugs cupboard and read the labels!! Learn the names and their specific uses as much as possible.Grab an internship!

A little known fact but a constantly repeated one is that the NAPLEX exam questions usually refer to a drug by it’s name, it’s brand name.This means that you need to have an understanding of the top drugs in order to be able to better understand the questions. If you recognize the brand name you’ll better understand the drug and it’s applications.