What Are The Dos and Don’ts for Mini Storage Auctions

You have gotten interested in mini storage unit auctions and want to know what you are doing. How do you deal with the risk involved? How do you make a profit consistently? Here are some ideas and philosophies that will help you as you begin your involvement in the business.

Go prepared to the auction, call ahead and be certain that it is still on, what forms of payment are accepted, can you have a look if you get there early, is there a participation fee for the auction.

Plan on winning the storage unit auction. What will you do with the merchandise, how much time do you have to remove it from the unit? Perhaps it will be best to come with a truck or a van and at the least bring a lock to secure the unit until you get back to pick up your stuff.

If you have fallen behind on your storage unit rent don’t go to the auction and try to buy your own things back. Instead talk to the owner as quickly as possible. Normally they will cancel the auction up to a few hours before if you pay up.

Be careful of your bid on closed storage units and sealed 儲存倉 bins. It is a big risk so bid accordingly. Normally you should be able to at least have a quick peek into the storage unit from outside the door and that can give you enough information to make all the difference.

Be on the lookout for storage units that are packed full and that include appliances, furniture, and antiques. Who knows, you may hit the jackpot.

Don’t get caught up in the moment and overbid just to win. Fear of losing to a higher bidder and a macho attitude may cause you to bid foolishly and lose money. Keep your wits and try to do the smart thing.

If you are the winner resell everything that you can. Sometimes you have to be creative, maybe you got some poor quality stuff and broken furniture. Try to fix what you can so you can come out as good as possible.

Items that you cannot sell you should give away rather than paying a fee to dispose them. You need to minimize your expenses to insure that you make a profit.

Think about all of the sales channels that are open to you, yard sales, flea markets, online classifieds, newspaper classifieds, Craig’s List, and eBay. Take advantage of all of them to maximize your profits from the self storage auction items that you won.

Keep positive, even if you spent $200 on a bunch of junk don’t let it stop you. Sometimes you lose but you can also win big time. Keep your focus, keep your wits, don’t get off into self pity and move forward with steady consistent action, this is the key to profitability.