Miracle Pregnancies And The First Signs

All women are different. Likewise the same could be said for each and every pregnancy. Even if the same woman has two pregnancies, each will be different. Symptoms experienced by one woman will be different for the next.

It’s not uncommon for some woman to tell you they just “felt” or “knew” the very moment they became pregnant. On the flip side, you’ll have some women tell you that they hadn’t the slightest inclination that they were pregnant to the point where the moment they go into labor it is a surprise to them. It stands to reason that the signs and symptoms of pregnancy are vast and diverse enough to make it difficult for women to rely on even a subset of common pregancy symptoms to serve as an indication that they are pregnant. Besides the obvious option of taking a home pregnancy test or going to the doctor, which is the norm for determining pregnancy, gaining an understanding of the female body in regards to the changes it undergoes during pregnancy can be a significant help when it comes to picking up on the subtle clues.

A common red flag for pregnancy can be a missed period for women going through normal menstruation cycles. In the case of women experiencing less than normal periods, missing a period wouldn’t cause them to bat a lash. The implantation of a fertilized egg can cause spotting which may resemble a light period, which then in turns leads the woman into dismissing any thought that she potentially could be pregnant. A number of factors can cause a missed or late period including diet changes, some prescription drugs, and of course stress. That being said, a missed period can be an indicator of the early stages of pregnancy for some woman but not for others. Another significant indicator of pregnancy are changes to the breasts a course in miracles . A lot of times changes to the female breasts is indicative of changes in the body overall, specifically changes in regards to bearing a child. At the start of pregnancy, the breasts go through significant changes, letting the body know that something is up. They can become hypersensitive to touch, even to the point of being painful. But this is not the most reliable means of determining pregnancy because the same experiences can be part of a normal period. Being sensitive to specific foods and drugs can also cause changes in the breast.

Experiencing symptoms of nausea and vomiting in the morning can be another indicator of pregnancy. This is one of the more traditional signs of pregnancy when a woman has a severe negative reaction to the smell or taste of food that she previously had no issue with a course in miracles text . This experience is not limited to the morning, but often times eating some salty crackers and room temp water can help mitigate the symptoms.

Being extremely tired can also be an early symptom of pregnancy. The things that a woman was doing before normally without any issue suddenly make her tired once she has become pregnant. It could happen that she even needs to take an afternoon nap because she’s having a hard time keeping her eyes open. Increased urges to use the bathroom happen to some women, while symptoms related to menstrual cycles like bloating and cramping happen to other women. It becomes tricky because these symptoms can easily be attributed to other health concerns and not necessarily be related to pregnancy.

The beginning or first symptoms of pregnancy are really a mixture of individual realizations that accompany the less than obvious changes going on in the body. When it’s all said and done, the most reliable means of determining pregnancy is an at-home pregnancy test or a visit to the doctor’s office – this way there is no ambiguity when the symptoms of breast hypersensitivity, nausea, tiredness, and late or missing menstrual cycles occurs.

St. Therese of Lisieux, the Little Flower, is the most famous modern mystic of our times. This beloved Carmelite penned her autobiography, Story of A Soul, and captivated the hearts of readers for decades. St. Therese has always watched over me and I am amazed that it took me so long to recognize her presence. Now, I acknowledge her daily as my friend and spiritual guide.

I chose her for my patron saint because I knew her from her picture that hung in Lilly’s home where I spent a lot of happy days as a child. It was that beautiful picture of the little nun in a black habit clutching a crucifix and roses that fascinated me. I am convinced that St. Therese chose me and that is why I knew to select her for my patron saint when I was confirmed at twelve years old. I never gave her much thought growing up, but when I found myself in my darkest hour, she came to me. And it was twenty years later before I recognized her and understood how she had always been there for me.

In my darkest hour a friend told me I had a spiritual guide and described her as a woman with dark hair. My friend was psychic and she could see this presence with me. I left and went to my office in a state of total despair and asked for help from this spiritual guide. At the time I was holding a pencil over a tablet and to my complete shock and surprise, that pencil started moving slowly over the paper.