Passing the Police Entry Exams – This Is No Trivial Matter

You don’t need me to tell you that today’s job market is extremely tight. The U.S. is faced with growing unemployment and it will probably get worse-before it gets better! And if you are thinking about a career in law enforcement, don’t think it will be easy to land a job Security+ exam .

My purpose with this article is not to convince you that you are indeed making the right decision. I’m going to try to convince you that police work may not be the best career choice for you. Regardless of the schooling and job experience you have behind you, being a police officer places more demands on the individual than you ever dreamed possible.

It has to be that way because of the seriousness of what a police officer faces every day when he/she pins on that badge. Law enforcement administrators have a specific mindset toward the people they hire. That’s why there is such a strict, demanding “weeding out” process prior to anyone being admitted to the police academy. I know this because I once served as a police administrator so what I tell you here is based upon personal experience.

In most agencies (municipal, county, state or federal) a multi-step process is required, and the individual must complete each step with grades or results of the highest ranking to proceed to the next level. Here’s how the chain of approvals is set up with most law enforcement agencies:

The Initial Application: The weeding out process begins here. Mess up one key point on the application and it ends up in the “circular file.” Yes, spelling and grammar do count, so screw up one little bit and your application joins an average of 70% of those submitted-in the trash can. Many agencies today feed their applications into a computer that catches the seemingly minor flubs. Your application may never even be seen by a human being.