How Dancing Increases Your Confidence

The most wonderful thing about ballroom dancing is that everyone can do it.
Ballroom dancing does not discriminate by age, gender or nationality; it welcomes all with open arms.

When done with the proper attitude ballroom dancing will add energy, enlightenment and enjoyment into your life. It will also give you 10 advantages that will further enhance your life and take you and your life to new heights.

But before I give you those 10 advantages, it is important to know that

ballroom dancing originated back in the 18th century and grows more popular by each passing day.

Everyday over 100,000 people participate in ballroom dance -worldwide. These dancers range in ages from 3 to 4 year olds at schools like World DanceSport Cebu to 99 year old Tao Porchon Lynch who danced at an event in Mumbai in 2017.

In 2014 ballroom dancing was already a 2.1 BILLION dollar a year industry. And with the popularization of shows like Dancing WithThe Stars, that number has been skyrocketing everyday

So if you have ever wanted to ballroom dance (and you know you do) but have thought I can’t do that, or I would look silly, or no one would want to dance with me. I am here to tell you that those thoughts are simply not true.

The ballroom dancing community is one of warmth and is here to encourage and support you.

And if you have been dancing for a while, you know that a day without dance is like a day without sunshine

So here are the top ten advantages you gain when you get out there and ballroom dance.

#1: Builds Your Confidence

Most of us have heard our mothers or teachers tell us “Sit up” or “hold your head up”.

Learning Ballroom dancing gives you not only dancing skills but also builds your confidence both on the dance floor and off the floor. You learn how to hold your dance-frame by holding your head up, back straight, arms at the right level and your rib cage held just right.

This will make you look taller and you feel lighter which makes you feel good. A simple thing like feeling good about yourself opens up a whole new you.

You will glide around the floor like you are on top of the world and you don’t want to come down. This feeling will overlap even when you are walking down the street.

Children love it when they feel taller and feel like they can fly. They are also veracious learners and have the ability to build their confidence faster than adults. They are not afraid of making mistakes and never tire of repeating a dance move several times to get it right.

As my dance instructor often says, “My friends keep telling me to relax, but I tell them, I am relaxed, I just have good posture”.

Now that’s confidence!

#2: Leading Your Partner

As well as holding their frame men learn how to lead and also how to ask ladies to dance. Men will tell you this is not an easy feat (no pun intended ) not only do they have to master the dance steps, listen to the music beats, but they also have to figure out where they need to go and lead a partner who follows them around. By learning how to lead their dance partners they will tell you they learn how to lead their spouses and they love it, their kids and their colleagues!

And, Following Your Partner

My instructor will tell you that independent ladies are not easy to teach how to follow. I know this first hand because I am one of them. Ladies have to learn to follow their partners even if the partner is making a mistake. In dancing you learn how to trust your partner and listen to your partner. Only in dancing you do not only use your ears to listen, you listen with your entire body. If you do not trust and listen to your partner to lead you, miss a step can happen. If this does you will find yourself tumbling to the floor and taking your partner with you.

#3: Improves Physical and Mental Health

Social dancing provides the body with many health benefits and ballroom dancing is no different. Dancing is excising your body and this reduces stress, increases energy, helps to tone your muscles and increase mobility and flexibility.

Dancing requires precision in order to execute the dance 學跳舞推薦 figures and dance steps in motion; this helps your mind and muscle in co-ordination and balance.
Paying attention to the body language of your partner teaches you to keep focused and pay attention to detail building and increasing brain power.

#4: Expands Music Listening

We all grow up listening to music and we all can say I love that music. In dancing you learn a different kind of “listening to music” and I call it the “Music Listening Class”
When the Music starts these are some of the questions a Ballroom dancer has to answer:
1. What dance is that?
2. Which is the dance beat?
3. What is the tempo?
4. What is the timing?
5. What is the rhythm
For each dance these questions will have an answer that is unique to that dance and to your dancing level.