Top 5 Game Consoles For Your Kids This Holiday Season

Christmas time is the best time of sharing that happens every year. But no matter what season it is, you can give gifts just to express what you feel for your loved ones. This coming Christmas, you’re thinking and trying to decide on what gifts to give, especially to your loved ones, friends and, most of all, your kids. Mostly kids enjoy games and gadgets. What they want is to be able to play games – outdoors or wherever they want.

Game consoles are on most teenagers’ or kids’ wish list but you still might not know which one you should buy. I’d like to share with you the top 5 game consoles to choose from – from the most affordable price and easiest to use up to the top of the line, in demand game console of the year.

· PSP. The reason why is it first on the list is because you can play it anywhere, outside or inside – school, bus, parks, shopping malls or in the comfort of your home. Players can listen to their favorite music all the time, watch movies or videos. They can also share games with friends through internet or using its Wi-Fi feature. The bottom line is it is an easy-to-carry game console. Very handy and you can have fun everywhere, wherever you may go.

· Xbox 360. It is the no.1 game console over the year and standing head and shoulder above other consoles. When it comes to gaming, the graphics are unbelievably outstanding. Its showcase is probably one of the most on demand features require for gamers who looking for satisfaction F95zone in terms of visual demand. Xbox 360 is good for the whole family and friends to enjoy, especially to its latest bundle package with Kinect. Everybody can play actively using only body gestures. They can jump, dodge or kick with the use of its game adventure video. Exciting isn’t it?

· PlayStation. Well, I described this one as the most played and memorable game console ever. With the new PlayStation 3, it has way more of the compatibility than the previous models. Now, it includes the use of Blu-ray DVD format, advancing its multimedia functionality among other consoles. If you have the old version, for sure you can see the difference within the graphics and the capabilities. Its game availability outnumbers Xbox 360 and the Nintendo Wii. It’s most likely a familiar type of game console where you’ve got used to it during before the PS3 model with almost the same physical features but more advanced capabilities. It’s more convenient with its famous games and controlling gestures although it takes time to familiarize some other game console components, too. Your kids will probably be quite happy to get their hands on this console.

· Nintendo. Although I’ve never tried to play with it before, I am a big fan of Mario and Luigi same along with the rest of their friends. Do you like Mario? These classic game icon brothers are still dominating the name of Nintendo on game console. They’ve come more alive with the most interactive gameplay that is provided by Nintendo DS. Besides the number of best-selling games (over 29 million units sold), it offers more controlling options that enable users to move in different kind of activities, making it a livelier video game experience using Nintendo Wii’s remote. Adding some boxing gloves and nunchucks to the game will definitely get you up out of your seat and onto your feet to enjoy the game. Everybody will truly have fun and that is how a game should be.

· Nintendo DS. The last but not the least and should be in my second spot choice of a game console next to PSP. The reason is exactly the same and probably the cheapest of them all. An all-time, all-around hand-held game console used by all ages. It’s dual screen offers a groundbreaking gameplay with an impressive 3 inch 3D display monitor that you can touch with a stylus pen or your fingers. What I like most is it allows me to play all of my favorite Game Boy Advance games. It is basically the smartest console ever built next to Nintendo Wii. You’ll want to buy this one for the cutest person you ever had. Best for your little kids, though.

This game console is available on sale with various bundles of its own. It may with an extra video games and accessories or be sold separately. It’s a perfect gift for your game enthusiast friends and lovely kids; you will never regret purchasing this product. Now, you can check them out to avoid the rush buying hour.