New Zealand Organizations Funded by Pokies

Poker machines and other electronic gaming devices are a huge source of funding for a wide range of charities and not-for-profit organizations across New Zealand. They do a great deal to help several good causes stay afloat and provide valuable services for residents of the country. Every year, millions of dollars spent on poker machines go right back into the community to help a wide range of individuals from all walks of life.

One of the most sizeable donations this year went to Alzheimer’s NZ Inc in the amount of $643,000. The organization seeks to provide support for those effected by dementia and their families. They provide care for those suffering from dementia as well as support for their families and loved ones. Financial and legal support is available, as well. Alzheimer’s NZ also offers education programs about the condition. Other health-related organizations that receive funding from gaming are Autism NZ and the Arthritis Foundation of NZ. Visit:-

Sports also receive a great deal of funding from poker machine revenue, such as Auckland Tennis. This organization is responsible for the operation of a wide range of tennis clubs across Auckland and several tennis facilities. Other sports organizations that benefit from pokies funding are the Picton Golf Club, Canterbury Rowing Club and several Rugby clubs.

Other good causes that receive funding are those that promote the arts, for example The Royal NZ Ballet. The ballet mounts performances by some of the country’s most talented dancers, exposing the public to the cultural arts. Funding has helped the ballet tour Europe and provide operating costs for up to a year. The New Zealand Opera also receives funding from poker machine and gambling revenue.

Currently, online slots and poker machines do not contribute to these totals. However, it is likely that they will do so in the future. Australia and New Zealand are currently considering updating their gaming laws to include remote gambling, which would give online operators and manufacturers the chance to give back to the community, as well.

Not-for-profit organizations can apply to receive grants from gambling revenues through charities like Pub Charity. It is estimated that groups like Pub Charity allocate nearly $15 million a year to a wide range of good causes across the country. This may come as a shock to most people, but poker machines and other forms of gambling certainly give back to their local communities in many different ways.