3 Useful Review of Bar Bar Black Sheep Slot 2021

Bar Bar Black Sheep slot is an online game from Microgaming that multiplies your winnings to 999x. Bar Bar Black Sheep. Bar Bar Black Sheep… That seems like a somewhat strange name for a lock. But here’s the thing:

If you spin a combination of two BAR symbols and a black sheep on a payline on this slot, you win a prize that can amount to 999x your bet.

In addition, ♫ Baa, Baa, Black Sheep ♪ is an old English children’s song. So did the designers of Microgaming choose a crazy name? No, not really. Is it a crazy slot machine? A little bit! Read more.

Review Bar Bar Black Sheep Slot

It is a nice and clear straightforward lock. You always play with 15 paylines, starting from 15 cents per spin.

1. How Bar Bar Black Sheep Works?

The symbols are reminiscent of the countryside: a black sheep, a white sheep, a farm, a corn on the cob and so on.

In addition, there is a joker (a logo with the text ‘Bar Bar Black Sheep’) and the aforementioned BAR symbol. If you spin the bar twice on a payline with a black sheep behind it, a surprising bonus game starts.

A meter appears on the screen with three digits. This will run and determine how big your profit will be. The maximum is 999 times your line bet.

Finally, there is a bonus symbol, a bale of white wool with the text: ‘Free Spins’.

Three bags full/wool give you 10 free spins. Four bags of wool 15 free spins. And five bags of wool are good for 20 free spins. Good news: during the free spins, all your winnings go three times.

2. The 1000 Spins on Bar Bar Black Sheep

We always play 1000 spins with real money for his slot reviews. At the slot Bar Bar Black Sheep we do that with the minimum bet of $0.15 per spin.

The slot machine looks rather laid-back,clumsy. The soundtrack also fits into that atmosphere. But make no mistake: as soon as you turn Bar-Bar-Black Sheep, it is pleasantly exciting. The multiplier meter is going to run… slowly stops turning… and then: hoppa.

We nicely once turned a multiplier of 783x. And 676x. And 502x. That’s not laid-back anymore. In total, the combination fell seven times. With the cautious bet of us, that yielded an average of $3.91.

Then the free spins, we got it six times. Profits fluctuate sharply. Highest score: $31,65 (pats, 211 times the bet!). Lowest score: $2,10 (bareuh). Average profit: $6,12.

Is the slot machine 1000 spins long in a row exciting? We enjoyed ourselves quite well for about 700 spins, but then the fun slowly became less. Bar Bar Black Sheep is really fun, but especially for a short gamble.

Of course, that doesn’t matter, certainly not because after 1000 spins there was a profit on the counter of $14.21. That’s impressive, with such a low bet per spin.

3. The Conclusion

Bar Bar Black Sheep slot is a simple game, but the multiplier meter is exciting and can bring in decent prices. The castle has a somewhat clumsy atmosphere and design – in the distance the style looks a bit like South Park. You have to love that.

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