Key Tips To Be Aware Of Before Getting Started With Male Enhancement Or You Will Not Get Bigger

Most men look at their penis, realize that they are tiny, and then jump on the first penis enlargement method they see pop up in the search engine! This is asking for trouble! Not all methods are effective, and this unfortunately is something that I and many other men had to learn the hard way Shibuya Kaho . If you don’t want to make a mistake like I and many others did, or if you have already made a mistake and want to find a way out, then this article is just for you.

After failing a couple of times, and then finally finding success with a natural enlargement method, there are 5 things I learned that MUST happen in order for any man to grow bigger naturally, consistently, quickly, and permanently. This is important to know PRIOR to beginning an enlargement method, so if you are ready to get started with getting a bigger penis, then read on to see the things that will make it all possible for you.

Okay, real quick, I just wanted to talk to you about something in relations to penis size. Please, do not fall into the trap that many man do and try to compare themselves with porn stars. Porn stars are in the “rare” class of men throughout the world that have amazing penis sizes. Just because most porn stars are huge, doesn’t mean that all men are huge. In fact, the average size for all men fully erected is around 6 inches. If you are smaller than that, then I feel sorry for you… you are SCREWED! Just kidding! Seriously, you do not have to feel bad if you don’t have a 7-9 inch erection, and that’s because most men do not have erections this size. However, if you wish to get to that type of size, then continue reading to find out what it takes.

The only way for your penis to expand is by cell division and regrowth of those cells on your penile chambers. Your penis erection is formed by 3 chambers. 2 of them are your corpora cavernosa chambers and 1 is your corpus spongiosum chamber. All 3 must be stimulated to cause cell division and regrowth NATURALLY. If so, then when these cells regrow, they will regrow larger and stronger… and will therefore make your penis thicker and fuller.

Blood circulation must be increased into your chambers. When you become erected, blood rushes into those chambers I mentioned above and will cause you to gain an erection. Now what do you think will happen if you have increased the size of your chambers (see #1) and you now have an increase of blood circulation into your penile chambers? That’s right, your penis is guaranteed to be HUGE! Also, this will cause you to have rock-hard erections (and longer lasting erections) as well.