Various Ways to Attack the Task of Earning a College Degree

There are more choices for you than ever when it comes to getting a college degree. You can go to a community college and then transfer over to a four year university or college, you can go away to a four year college or university, or you can study at home and earn your college diploma by going to college online Mua bằng cấp 3 . There are pros and cons to all of these college initiatives.

This is a cheap way to attend college while still being able to stay at home. Students who attend community colleges can stay at home and even have a part time job when they are attending college. In addition to having the convenience of being at home, community colleges are very inexpensive. Especially when compared to even state colleges. This can save parents or students, who may be struggling, some money. It also gives a young person who is not quite sure what they want to do a chance to figure out their major and perhaps changing it, without it costing a small fortune.

The con of attending a two year college is that many of the classes will not transfer to the four year school. Some schools look down on those who attend a two year year college and will not accept transcripts, although this happens more at the post graduate level. However, you can go on to a four year college and post graduate school if you attend a two year college to start out.

Attending a four year college right away is a good choice for someone who knows what they want to do and is disciplined. It gives the student not only the freedom of being on their own for the first time, but also a chance to learn about life as well as school. Four year colleges are more prestigious than two year colleges so the chances of being accepted into a post graduate program are much better.

The cons of attending a four year college or university right off the bat is that many young people do not know what to do and cannot handle the freedom. Many get into trouble with alcohol, develop bad study habits and end up having problems the first year. An increasing number of young people are taking five years to go to a four year college – a problem that can be very expensive.