Treatment for Tapeworm in Dogs

Tapeworms are parasites that are found in the small intestines of dogs. You can sometimes see the worms in your dogs feces, or sometimes the dog will scoot its bottom across the floor, that could also be a sign of tapeworm. Your vet can check for tapeworm if you suspect your dog has it. Puppies can be born with tapeworms or get them from their Mother’s milk so it’s important to have your puppies de wormed. The worms will look like small grains of rice, what you will see is a segment that drops off, but the worms are actually about 6 inches in length.

Dogs get tapeworms from fleas, they eat a flea that has it and they get it. Tapeworms generally are not too big of a problem in adult dogs, but they can have some effects on puppies. It’s best to get rid of the worms as soon as possible.

Once your vet establishes that your dog does have tapeworms, they are relatively easy to get rid of, the vet will give your dog some tablets that will get rid of the tapeworm What Does Gamey Taste Like? Does Gamey Taste Good . There are also treatments that are sold at pet stores over the counter. The de worming medication is safe and has no side effects for your dog. Walmart also sells a deworner that works. One home remedy that seems to help is adding garlic powder to your dogs food. The garlic kills the intestinal parasite. Garlic powder is also fine for your dog to have added to its food.

Another thing you should know about treatment in tapeworm for dogs is that since your dog got the tapeworm from swallowing a flea, there are fleas in the area. You have to get rid of them to avoid reinfecting your dog. They could be in your yard and also in your house. They sell flea treatments for both the yard and your house, it would be a good idea to use them and make sure the fleas are gone. Bathing your dog in some herbal shampoos may be effective in keeping the fleas away. Also garlic in their food repels fleas.

People don’t catch tapeworms from their dogs, so you don’t have to worry about that, and tapeworms in people is very rare, a person would have to swallow an infected flea in order to get the tapeworm in them.

Just because one of your dogs has tapeworms, doesn’t mean that the others do, only the ones that swallowed the infected flea would get it. The tapeworm treatment is highly effective so if you do find that your dog keeps contracting tapeworm, it means that you still have a flea problem and have to work at getting rid of it. If you know it’s not your yard or house, maybe somewhere that you walk your dog, is where the flea infestation is, try avoiding anywhere you think it may be once you de worm your dog and see if that helps.

Many anglers hang up their rods when the water temps fall. The bite slows for sure, but bass can still be caught in cold water. There are times when the cold water bite can be just as dramatic as any other time of the year. But, you must be on the water to take advantage of these times. Many of the same presentations you use throughout the season will also work in cold water.

Once the water temps fall to 50 and below bass fishing seems to come to a grinding halt. It is true that bass slow down but they still must eat. There are definitely prime times that bass feed during cold water situations but not all bass feed at the same time so you can catch bass between these prime feeding periods as long as you are there with the right presentation. Cold water bass fishing is like all the other seasons, you must put in the time to learn that season just like you learned where to find pre-spawn or post-spawn bass or where to find mid-summer bass and how to catch them. Catching cold water bass can be a challenge but with information and time on the water you too can enjoy bass fishing even when the water is cold.

I want to introduce you to some of “the other ways” to catch cold water bass and stay away from the jigs and spoons and the other cold water techniques that you have probably read about or heard about. These presentations work and I would never eliminate them from my arsenal but there has been plenty written about those techniques and I want to share some other presentations, that catch cold water bass.

CRANKBAITS: A great bait for cold water bassin’ is the crankbait. In cold water, bass primarily target dying shad which can be represented well with a crankbait. Crankbaits are so versatile and can be fished slow or fast, deep or shallow. You can pause a crankbait to allow the lethargic bass to strike. Many anglers argue that cold water bass are all deep and you have to slow roll any bait in order to be successful. I have found that slow rolling a crankbait does work but there are times when faster retrieves trigger more strikes during certain situations. You have to experiment and learn how and what triggers cold water bass. You hear so much about the jig and trailer combo. The jig is so effective on so many lakes because of the winter kill of shad leaving bass no option but to feed primarily on crawfish, hence the jig, however, with the abundance of shad on mid-west waters I assure you the shad populations remain high throughout the cold water season and this is why the crankbait can be so effective.

TOPWATER: You say. WHAT! That is exactly what I said to my boss for weeks leading up to a company bass tournament we had in January. He brought in his limit caught on a floating rapala and I think there was one other bass caught and it was not mine. Fishing on top was unorthodox for that time of year, for us at least, but obviously it worked and made a believer out of me. The best presentation I have found, and the same one my boss used to smoke us all in that tournament long ago, is the floating rapala. The trick to fishing top water when the water is cold is to fish it slow. Just fish the same as in the spring or fall but slow way down with long pauses between subtle twitches. This method is especially effective in clear water where the bass can see the lure when fished over deep water. Dying shad sink when they die but shad with a little life left in them will swim erratically without direction and the rapala fished on top mimics this perfectly.