How to Turn a Blog Post Into One Or More Articles

Leverage is one of the most strongest point of article marketing. You could use existing content and turn it into articles. You can also use articles and repurpose them for other content formats. How could you turn a blog post into one or more articles?

The good news is, a blog post usually is an article too. You can post anything from commentaries, opinions and even multimedia content to the blog, but basically you can turn a blog post into an article or two just as easily.

First, you can just edit here and there to get the blog post into one article. If that article consists of many different ideas, like 3-7 tips on something, you could then take each of the tips and make it an article of its own.

For instance, if you take one article, you could write down several things that you know about that tip. That makes a great outline or skeleton for the article. You can expand each of the point from there HEALTH CHECK HOME DEPOT . One point may be one or two paragraphs.

It only takes one very simple idea to make it into one full article. Often, I am able to extract 10 or more ideas just from a single article.

Let’s take an article about tips to grow your first rose in your garden ASSOCIATE HEALTH CHECK HOME DEPOT . You could write as many articles as the number of tips, one for each of them. Besides that, you could also write about the pitfall each of the tips have and how to overcome them. Those can be 2 or more articles.

How about the top 3 problems or things you learn over the years in growing roses? It may as well be related to the tips above. You may turn the same points into other articles, just the format is different.

Do You Enjoy Writing In YOUR Blog? This is a journal of your most inner thoughts if you are doing your life story. Some people use it to update family on what is going on with their life without actually writing a letter to everyone. Blogs are as different as the personalities of nature. This is a place you can explore your writing talent, letting your personality come through your words and share your dreams with others. Some just use it for entertainment with YouTube videos and news items of today.

Personally I like to use it to write about my experience in working at home business and telling others what has worked for me. Blogging is another outlet to use as a marketing tool. Read the t.o.s. (terms of service) and then you will know what is allowed, Most of them will not let you just make a commercial and allow links to your website. Others are more lenient and let you put the banners on it as long as you put this on with style its almost like putting together a website. This is another way to build links to your website, Get your name branded as a legitimate work at home business and the best way to do that is with your own blogs, article writing and posting in forums.

Many people ask me about the possibility of using the same articles on their blogs. Their major concern is not only about duplicate content issue, but also the strategy to do that to get maximum impact from that strategy.

Article is just another type of content, a very powerful one, if you ask me. For me, articles are the most basic content format if you intend to repurpose them to other formats.

A short article, can be turned into a report by expounding it. You can also make a workbook or checklist by using the article as the foundation. This is possible with audio and video content, but I find it easier if you use the article as the base because it is simple, scannable and searchable.

Whether articles are suitable for your blog or not is a matter of strategy. What’s the purpose of your blog? If you use it to communicate with the customers about tips on using your products, perhaps basic articles are not appropriate, because the customers are already in the higher level both in knowledge and application.

If, on the other hand, you use articles to reach more readers, drive search engine traffic and other things, those articles are great to reach more audience and to keep them engage with what you have to offer.

The same strategic reason should be applied to email newsletter as well. If articles can help you reach your strategic plan, by all means use it. Leveraging is one of the most powerful reasons why you write and submit articles.

Finally, for people who concern about duplicate content issues, I’d recommend that you don’t focus on the negative side and instead keep writing and growing your articles. The threshold is very high that the penalty probably won’t ever happen to you.