Types of Watches for Helping You Look Your Best and Keep You on Time

Watches were developed to serve the diverse needs and purposes of the consumer market. There are lot of companies who produce time pieces that offer designs ranging from classic to modern styles. They can also range from signature brands, which are of higher quality but are more expensive than commercial brands.

Most of the watches that are produced nowadays can be both functional and fashionable at the same time. Watches are classified according to their different features. Here are some of the specifications that can guide you when choosing which type of watch will best suit your needs:

Watch Movement

Mechanical – These types of watches are dependent on the current temperature, position and magnetism. They use a balance wheel and spring to regulate the movement casio watches cheap of the watch, similar to the mechanism of a pendulum clock. These kinds of movements are less accurate and expensive, therefore, this is rarely used nowadays.

Electronic – They are also known as the quartz movement which uses quartz replaceable batteries to run the watches. A more advanced technology called Swiss quartz, on the other hand, utilizes electronic current for the movement of the watch.

Automatic – These are the latest innovations for the watch movement which means they are driven by your body movement instead of a battery.

Caliber Composition

If you happen to choose an automatic watch, these kinds of movements are further classified into two: calibre automatic and standard automatic. The calibre reflects the accuracy of your watch, so the higher the calibre, the more precise (and more expensive) your watch will be.


This is how you want your watch to display the time.

Analog Display

It has an Arabic numeral dial with two hands, one for the hour hand and one for the minutes. Most watches with quartz movement have an analog display.


Digital watches display the time in numbers instead of hands pointing to the dial like in an analog display watch. Digital displays were used in the pocket watches and later applied to wrist watches.

Functions and Uses

Certain watches are created to serve the specific requirements of an activity.

Scuba Diving Watches – these are for professional scuba divers who not only need a waterproof watch, but one that will also stand the pressure while diving in the ocean. Typically watches with more than 100 meter water resistance are the ones that are used for diving purposes.

Sport Watches – these are the watches that are usually shock proof, can withstand certain weather conditions like extreme humidity, and offer sport functions such as a stopwatch feature.

Classic/Casual – these watches may come with leather or metal straps entwined in the stainless frames. The metal straps can be silver or gold, which is more appropriate for corporate executives, while leather straps are more suitable for a casual kind of lifestyle/occasion.

These pointers can help you understand the capacity of the watch that you might want to get. Some factors such as the quality of the brand and prestige of the watch manufacturer should be taken into account when you know what type of watch will help you look your best and keep you on time.