What Types of Business Should Consider Using Instagram and Why

Instagram is one of the most misunderstood social media applications in business marketing. Some companies have just don’t see the importance in investing the time and energy into selling themselves through pictures how to make a group on instagram . If you are one of those companies, or work for one of those companies, just remember that a picture is worth a thousand words.

Instagram can drive sales and increase correspondence just as effectively as other social media channels if not better in a lot of ways. Approximately 75% of businesses are already using Instagram to promote their business and develop a well-rounded social media presence. With the 150 million users that access Instagram, you are missing out on a vast number of potential clients and outreach opportunities if you neglect this important resource.

Every company should use an Instagram no matter what industry you work for mis webmail . The fact of the matter is that communication is key, and the more resources that you can use to get ahold of customers, the better. Obvious companies to use Instagram would be anyone that has something to do with visual media or physical products; however, that that’s not to say that your company won’t reap any of the benefits if you happen to sell something such as a service.

Let’s take for example, nonprofits. Nonprofit organizations work with communities and donors everyday to generate fundraising to showcase all of the great work that they do. Instagram gives nonprofit organizations the opportunity to interact with their donors and volunteers in a unique way so that every can share the experiences that a nonprofit is working toward. If individuals are able to see nonprofit directors and employees in the field and get to know their faces personally, they are going to be far more likely to make continued contributions and wish to join the cause themselves.

Another example to use is a travel agent. Someone who is in the travel and tourism industry doesn’t have a product to sell, but they have an experience that can be shared. Posting desirable photos of tropical beach side paradise destinations and showcasing customers who have used your services to visit exotic lands will entice customers to use your business. In the meantime, a travel agent can also engage on an individual level with every client or prospective client to like their travel related pictures and keep up with how their trip is going.