Understanding Motivation and the Opposing Forces in Weight Loss

What I want you to actually see, is that you can love yourself.

I say it again: You can love yourself.

It’s really your choice. You can hate what you take yourself to be – the feelings, the body and your thoughts – or you can simply love yourself. Don’t you feel that you deserve to be loved? I bet you do, and you know what, you don’t have to be loved by somebody else, you can love yourself, and you can do it right now. You don’t have to wait, and I strongly suggest that you start right now!

The best part is, when you start to love yourself you will also respect yourself, and when you respect herbalife 呃人 yourself the others will also see you differently and you will get respect and love from the outside also. So it really is a win win situation.

Don’t say you cannot love yourself, or ask how do I do it. You just waste your time on that, because you know what love is – it is sweet and forgiving and happy and light and kind and compassionate and so on.

Lets wrap this up now quickly:

You choose what to do when you get a sudden desire to eat chocolate. You are not the desire, and you can look at the desire and say: I have developed you with my thoughts and habits, and you ask for fulfillment, but I will not give it to you, because if I do, you will harm me and pull me down. Instead I will love you. I will look at you, because you are not me and I will love you, and I will feed you with my love that springs from the source which is me, because I am free and I always will be, and then you will change and eventually fade away, because you are born because I lacked love, but now I love myself and I can take care of my feelings and my body and live a happy and healthy life.