Tips for Using the Referral Program at online casino

Each online gambling site has its own unique features. We are also one of the online gambling sites with the best features. online casino presents a lot of exciting games and can encourage the economy of all you. One of the biggest types of bonuses available at online casino is the referral program. By using the referral program, a bettor can share links from online casino and receive prizes of up to millions of rupiah on our site.

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What is the Referral Program and its Concept at online casino

Referral program is a way of promotion by sharing links with other players. For every time a link is spread, bettor you will have the potential to invite new players. This is an easy thing to do right? online casino will provide a link that you only need to copy and paste once. Copy and paste this link into your social media and use the tips that we will provide.

The concept of online casino is that we will give a reward of 10% and sometimes it can reach up to 20% depending on active promotions at online casino. If you manage to invite 100 players, then each player makes a deposit of $100. Then the money you get is as much as $10 per person then multiply it to 100 people. The total is $1000. You get this without having to bet or spend any capital at all when playing on the online casino online gambling site. Want to get the $1000 easily and can while lifting your feet? Let’s learn more.

1.Utilizing Social Media

Social media is the best way to spread links from online casino. This link will serve as a tool to invite other players. And for every time the link is pressed and a player joins, then you will receive a special gift from online casino.

Some of the most powerful types of social media to try are whatsapp, twitter, facebook, reddit, and there is also kaskus. These are all great forums or social media pages to share your links with. Social media is the best platform or application to spread links in bulk. Because you can reach dozens of people without having to spend any money at all. Good luck and play on the online casino online gambling site using this social media referral link.

2. Promote Referral Links Regularly

There are not many players who can get as many as 100 invites per day. But this does not mean that inviting many people at once is impossible. Bettor you can promote our link by inviting new players every day. Let’s just invite new players every day and share this referral link. In addition to those of you who get additional money, they will also receive a bonus of up to 10% from the online casino online gambling site. Please try our latest tips and tricks and don’t forget to play too.