Sexually Charged Indigenous Food Courtesy Of Peru

The Maca root is a rare member of the radish family. It has been used by the indigenous people of Peru for thousands of years as an intimacy enhancer. Maca continues to grow in popularity with today’s modern consumers, touted not only for it’s libido boosting qualities, but also for it’s highly energized effect.

Maca is considered by today’s top researchers to be a true adaptogen Ultimate maca . Russian scientists who were studying plant medicine during the 1930’s adopted the term adaptogen in reference to a plant that can give numerous benefits to an organism, while producing no negative side effects.

Maca’s reputation for delivering strength, libido and fertility can be traced back over 500 years during the height of the Incan empire. Legends suggests that before battle, the Incan warriors would consume great quantities of Maca to gain strength, voracity and gain fierce fighting ability.

During the celebrator festivities commending a victorious Inca battle, the soldiers were not permitted to consume the root of Maca for fear they would ravish the captured women of the taken city. Maca’s reputation has been well established in Peru and is quickly gaining popularity in today’s modern world.

Cultivated in the Central Highlands of Peru, this annual plant produces a radish like root that can easily be dried, ground and stored for years. The demand for Maca is increasing worldwide, as this libido enhancing plant food for both men and women gains in popularity. Each year Peruvian growers dedicate more and more acreage towards cultivating this intimacy enhancer.

One very common error that the consumers of plant foods make while experimenting with dosages is “taking too little.” People unfamiliar with plant foods associate dosage amounts with medications. Unlike Viagra, a prescription drug given to men for sexual stamina, Maca is a plant food and can be consumed in large quantities. A very important aspect of Maca working, is consuming enough.

The easiest way to ingest Maca is through capsule form with dosages varying from 1000mg to 5000mg depending on each individual’s needs. Maca can also be brewed into a very mild tasting tea or served as a juice. Ingesting it whole powder form or in liquid extract is another favorite of the indigenous Peruvians. Consuming two to four spoonfuls of whole powder, blended in a drink for several consecutive days, tended to give the quickest sexual boost.

Maca has been used for centuries and although it is best known as an arousal aid, there are also many other health benefits that can be gained by it’s use. Women who are suffering through menopause receive a dramatic decrease in hot flashes when taking this food. Some women who have undergone a partial hysterectomy have reduced or ended completely their need for progesterone creams. Within hours after taking Maca for both men and women, energy levels are dramatically increased.